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Versacolor Thermal Transfer 
Color Plotter Supplies Catalog 

Now that you've purchased a new 
Versatec Versacolor thermal transfer 
color plotter, Versatec wants to keep 
you fully supplied with a complete 
range of thermal transfer products. 
Versatec thermal transfer supplies have 
been selected to give you the highest 
quality output. For vivid, consistent 
output and plotter longevity, use 
Versatec supplies with all Versatec 

The thermal transfer process uses an 
ink donor roll to produce a broad color 
range. The donor rolls are made from a 
wax-based ink and heat is used to 
transfer ink to the media. Color output 
requires a three-pass process, one 
pass for each color ink. Over 100,000 
color combinations are possible. 

Three types of ink donor rolls are avail- 
able from Versatec— four-color, 
three-color and monochrome. Four- 
color donor rolls contain yellow, cyan, 
magenta and black ink. An A/A4-size 
four color roll produces 180 plots and a 
B/A3-size roll 125 plots. The three- 

color donor rolls consist of yellow, cyan 
and magenta primiaries. All three colors 
are combined to produce black. Plot 
up to 210 A-size or 150 B-size color 
plots, depending on the ink donor roll 
size, before you need to change donor 
rolls. Versatec offers two lengths of donor 
rolls, A/A4 and B/A3-sizes. 

Monochrome (black) donor rolls pro- 
duce up to 630 A-size or 450 B-size 
plots. A single-size monochrome ink 
donor roll fits all media sizes. 

Changing donor rolls is fast and easy 
with Versacolor. A special cassette 
holds the donor roll and can be easily 
inserted into the machine. This handy 
feature is exclusive to Versacolor. Sim- 
ply remove the cassette and replace 
the donor roll. There's no need to worry 
about tearing the donor roll while 
threading it inside the machine. Extra 
cassettes are available for users who 
want to quickly change from A/A4 
or B/A3-size pages or color to 

Media choices include cut-sheet paper 
and transparency film. Four sizes are 
available: A-size {8Y 2 " x 1 1 ") and B-size 
(11"x17") for U.S. machines; and A4- 
size (210mmx297mm) and A3-size 
(297mmx420mm)forinternational users. 
Paper is packaged 500 sheets to the 
ream, four reams to a carton. Film isavail- 
able in 100 sheets per package, two 
packages per carton. 

The paper has a smooth, bright white 
surface which gives colors a bold 
and brilliant appearance. Use paper for 
fast check plots and multiple copies. 
Transparency film is ideal for overheads 
or overlays. Output comes out dry 
and ready to use. 

To keep your machine operating at peak 
performance, the writing head should 
be cleaned when each donor roll is 
replaced. Versatec recommends using 
our thermal head cleaner which is 
designed to remove excess ink from 
the writing head. Additional acces- 
sories for your Versacolor include a six 
foot power cord, paper stacker, inkdonor 
roll cassette and media cassettes. 

Versacolor offers the highest resolution and fastest speed over any other thermal transfer 
plotter in its price range. 

Ordering information 

Media (Cut sheet paper) 

TT4908-CS Paper (854" x 11 ") A-size 

500 sheets per ream, 4 reams per carton 

TT4911-CS Paper (11" x17") B-size 

500 sheets per ream, 4 reams per carton 

TT49A4-CS Paper (21 0mm x 297mm) A-4 size 

500 sheets per ream, 4 reams per carton 

TT49A3-CS Paper (297mm x 41 0mm) A3-size 

500 sheets per ream, 4 reams per carton 

Film (Cut sheet paper) 

TT4908-CC Film (854" x 11 ") A-size 

100 sheets per ream, 2 reams per carton 

TT4911-CC Film (11"x17") B-size 

100 sheets per ream, 2 reams per carton 

TT49A4-CC Film (210mm x 297mm) A-4 size 

100 sheets per ream, 2 reams per carton 

TT49A3-CC Film (297mm x 41 2mm) A3-size 

100 sheets per ream, 2 reams per carton 

Ink Donor Rolls 

TT4908-4I Ink donor rolls, four color (8/ 2 "-inch width) 

Four rolls per carton, A/A4-size copies 

TT4997-4I Ink donor rolls, four color (297mm width) 

Four rolls per carton, B/A3-size copies 

TT4908-3I Ink donor rolls, three color (854 "-inch width) 

Four rolls per carton, A/A4-size copies 

TT4997-3I Ink donor rolls, three color (297mm width) 

Four rolls per carton, B/A3-size copies 

TT4097-1 R Ink donor rolls, black 

Four rolls per carton 


TT-MCA Media cassette A-size 

TT-MCB Media cassette B-size 

TT-MCA4 Media cassette A4-size 

TT-MCA3 Media cassette A3-size 

TT-PC56 Power cord, Model 2756 (US) 

TT-PC66 Power cord, Model 2766 (ISO) 

TT-PS Paper stacker 

TT-ISC Ink donor roll cassette 

TT-THC Thermal head cleaner (20 per box) 

Specifications are subject to change without notice. 

Information to Specify 
When Ordering 

■ Order number 

■ Number of cartons 

Other Versatec supplies 

In addition to thermal transfer sup- 
plies, Versatec also offers a complete 
range of electrographic supplies 

■ Opaque, translucent and 
vellum papers 

■ Clear and matte finish polyester films 

■ Electrographic toners, 
clear dispersants 

■ Versatec Plotter Cleaning Kit 

Easy to order 

One toll-free call from anywhere in 
the U.S.A. or Canada to a Versatec sup- 
plies sales specialist assures prompt 
delivery of supplies. Versatec recom- 
mends only Versatec supplies be used 
in Versatec equipment to produce high 
quality output from Versatec printer/ 
plotters. For ordering call toll-free (800) 
538-6468. In California, call (800) 672- 
3307 or in Canada call (800) 268-3335. 
Versatec's knowledgeable staff of sup- 

plies sales specialists will helpyou select 
the best supplies for your applica- 
tion and determine the most economical 
order quantity and frequency. Versatec 
technical supplies representatives are 
available to diagnose and resolve sup- 
plies problems in the field. Regional 
warehouses speed deliveries and save 
shipping costs. 



Versatec Headquarters 
2710 Walsh Avenue 
Santa Clara, CA 95051 
Telephone (408) 988-2800 
TWX: 910-338-0243 
Telex 334421 

Versatec (SA) Belgium 
Telephone: 32-2-771-9907 
Versatec Canada Headquarters 
Telephone: 416-494-8204 
Versatec Electronics Ltd. U.K. 
Telephone: 44-635-517200 

Versatec France 
Telephone: 33-1-6446-1414 
Versatec GmbH Germany 
Telephone: 49-89-61003-1 

Versatec (BV) Netherlands 
Telephone: 31-3406-64504 
Fuji-Xerox Japan 
Telephone: 81-3-342-7481 

Versatec and Versacolor are trademarks of Versatec, Inc. 
Xerox is a trademark of Xerox Corporation. 

Bulletin No. 638 January 1987 Printed in U.S.A.